Friday, February 18, 2011

Poondhu Kulambhu-Reposting for Event

Poondu Kulambu (பூண்டுக்குழம்பு)
Garlic has lot of health benifits and have major part in digestions.even it stays good for a week outside fridge.Its  a supplementary diet for lactating mothers and after fever . The garlic, fenugreek, dhania, pepper and curry leaves, rich in medicinal values facilitate easy digestion and lactation.

Recipe Here:Poondu Kulambhu

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NOTE:Thanks to Shobana and Savitha for informing me about this Event


  1. U hv gotta nice blog pa. Nalla tamil manam vesuthu.

  2. mouth watery recipe..sounds healthy n tasty..
    first time here Sheena..fascinating space you have..glad to follow u..
    do drop by mine sometime...
    Tasty appetite

  3. Such a perfect recipe, looks great!