Monday, February 7, 2011


Sho asked me to write 7things about me :
1.The more I write the more authentic I become.
2. I prefer conversation more than going to the movies and I don't know how to small talk.
3.I hate being bored. I can be boring sometimes.( true ??????)
4.. I take a look at my blog everyday. I am always disappointed when there are no new comments.
5.My grandma Eswari (mamami) was my favorite .i really miss her
6.My favorite number is 18.
               My second favorite number is 20.
               I was born on 18 and my hubby in 20, and maybe that's the reason.

7.Living in the US I got to do things I never thought I would -
like enjoying cokeand eating pizza(not now), driving a car, and owning snow boots,simply writing about me in my own blog(hehehe)

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