Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Squid ( Kadambha ) curry

Squid ( Kadambha ) curry

Squid ( Kadambha ) – 1 lbs
Onion -2 medium.
Tomatoes – 2 Nos.(medium sized)
ginger garlic  paste -1tsp
Green chilli - 2 Nos.
Oil – 1 tablespoon
turmeric powder – 1 teaspoon
chilli powder – 2 teaspoons
coriander powder – 4 teaspoons
garam masala – 1 teaspoon
pepper powder – 1 teaspoon
salt – as required
Water – 2 cups

 Method :
Cleanse the squid and cut it into fine pieces,marinade with salt and turmeric powder.
Heat oil in a pan.Add finely chopped onion to it and fry until it turns golden brown.Add chopped green chillies
Add ginger- garlic paste and stir well until it turns golden brown. Add finely chopped tomatoes to it and
stir well.Add chilli powder, coriander powder & garam masala, mix well.
When the gravy turns brown and gets cooked, add squid to it and mix it well.
Pour 2 cups of water and allow it to cook.
The squid gets cooked well and the gravy will also turn thick.
Add pepper powder and garnish with coriander leaves.
 Lip smacking squid curry is ready.

Happy Cooking

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